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True Story
​By:  Debbie Brigham

One day while we were in the process of moving I had decided to shop for little gifts to give to some of my bible study friends for them to remember me by.  They knew about my angel in the woods story and that every year we would dress up as angels and give out candy with bible scriptures to the kids.  So, I decided to look around at some local stores to see if I could find a small crystal type angel to purchase as gifts.  One florist shop had some glass angels but they were kind of big and bulky.  After going to 4 or 5 stores and not finding what I was looking for I was discouraged.   I was running out of time and decided to put my gift shopping on hold.  Early the next morning my husband came into the bedroom and handed me a small box.  He said the neighbor Karen had given it to him to give to me.  I sat up in bed and opened the box while he watched.  Much to my surprise there was the sweetest little crystal angel the size of a Christmas ornament.  I was shocked and amazed at this gift.  I told my husband that I had been looking all over town to find angels like this to purchase.  How could she have ever known about my angel hunt?

Later that morning I noticed my neighbor outside in her front yard.  I immediately went over to ask her where she had purchased the angel as I was looking for this very thing to purchase for some of my friends.  She told me that she had purchased it several years ago and that she had more stored in her closet.  I asked her if I could purchase some from her as gifts.  She told me that she would be happy to give me as many as I needed as she had purchased them many years ago and had never done anything with them.  She went inside and brought out 6 more sweet little crystal angels in boxes.  My face just lit up with the biggest smile as I knew this was no coincidence but a God incident!  I never said anything to anyone about shopping for these angels.  It was only in my heart that I had the desire to find these as gifts.  I told Karen the whole story about my angel hunt and I thanked her for blessing me!  Later that day I was able to give out these sweet little crystal angels to my friends as a memory of our friendships and a keepsake.  They loved them! 

PSALM 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of your heart.